09 Dec 2019

Dreamy indie pop, romantic classical, hard rock and relaxed indie folk

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Summer Plays

Looking for dreamy indie pop and folk songs? Sylva, aka Amy May Ellis and songwriter-producer Will Cookson, are just what you need. Amy May provides intimate female vocals, which are teamed with melodic guitars and gorgeously catchy choruses on the duo’s Summer Plays.

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Classical Momentum

David’s work covers a wealth of styles, from orchestral to electronic and has featured on soundtracks, commercials and multimedia applications, including electronic project LCD, the title music for the FA Premier League and brands such as Muller, Scholl and Aldi. Classical Momentum brings together a variety of orchestral elements, creating a warm feeling of romance and nostalgia. 


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Easy Way Out

Hoax Party are a bass and drum-driven band whose grunge/pop sound is influenced by Royal Blood, Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails. Bassist and vocalist Space’s music has also been used on TV and film, including The Vampire Diaries, How to Get Away with Murder and Pretty Little Liars.

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Golden Sun

London-based Australian singer/songwriter Nick Kingswell draws on his memories of Australia’s oceans, beaches, and open landscapes and runs these through the filter of London’s big city. His cinematic sound is influenced by Ben Howard, Bon Iver, and James Vincent McMorrow. Golden Sun pairs him up with Brighton-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Josh Oliver to create relaxed folktronica and summery indie folk.

More music

Do Not Move

Raise the tension with processed, detuned marimba, unsettling drones, sparse, creepy woodwind clusters and ominous timpani.

Cocktail Hour

A variety of jazz moods, from relaxed, with cool sax, guitar and piano solos, to easy-going, swinging dinner jazz, and Latin-inspired guitar jazz.

Solo Instrument Series - Saxophones 1

A variety of jazz moods, from relaxed, with cool sax, guitar and piano solos, to easy-going, swinging dinner jazz, and Latin-inspired guitar jazz.

Destroy and Conquer

Hard-hitting heavy rock featuring brutal riffs and epic, multi-layered guitars, plus slamming drums and soaring synth lines.

Solo Instrument Series - Harp 1

With everything from bright and breezy soprano sax, sombre, serious alto and bluesy tenor with a lively swagger, this collection shows off the best in solo sax. 

Digital Nomad

Travel through an electronic soundscape with distant piano motifs and atmospheric strings to an ambient space with reflective, muted piano and a blend of electronic and natural sounds.

And So the Story Goes

Enchanting, sparkling chimes are joined by wistful melodica, toy piano and quirky music box for a fairytale feel. Acoustic, folky guitar, together with mystical bells, conjure childhood nostalgia.

Static Shapes

Dark, mysterious synth drones evolve into electronic pulses and textures, with mesmerizing, cinematic piano and ambient pads build a sense of intrigue and atmosphere. 


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