Undiscovered with Martin Kaczmarski

My Undiscovered Experience

A musical meeting

My journey with Audio Network started brewing backstage at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago after being introduced to Audio Network composer, Gareth Johnson on the final night of a Teenage Concert Trust gig.

He offered to help me mix some tracks and invited me down to his studio. He also played me some of his production music and this was the moment that I discovered composing music for media and Audio Network.

First steps

As well as composing music and collaborating with bands and artists, I also decided to spend time on writing some music for Audio Network. They are one of the major players in production music and I knew it would be difficult, but I was pretty determined to try and get in.

Recording these tracks took a good few months, and then I sent them into the A&R department. A few days later I received an email back, it must have been the nicest rejection letter I have ever received, but I was still devastated!

Music for Media

Making music for media was what I wanted to do now – I was hooked! So, I gave everything else up and just composed music all day every day. My learning curve hit the roof - I was learning so much so fast about how to create music for media. It’s a little different to writing music for bands and artists, something I was already doing, but I was like a sponge slowly adjusting and soaking it all in.

Not giving up, I sent the A&R team an update on new tracks I was making every few months. I was determined even though I knew competition was fierce!


A year later, Audio Network decided to take me on as one of their ‘Undiscovered Artists’. When I found out I was thrilled, and couldn’t really believe it, it was an amazing feeling to have been chosen and finally be part of this amazing talented family!

Studio recordings

I got straight to work in the studio. My creativity was buzzing and I wrote music I enjoyed and excited me, had fun with and loved making. I experimented with different sounds and techniques while keeping the tracks as live as possible. Sometimes human error is what’s missing, but that’s another story. The team at Audio Network was very supportive and always gave good advice and tips when listening back over multiple edits/changes of the tracks.


Once the tracks were finished and accepted the waiting game began. It felt like forever! But before I knew it I was back in the studio again, and this time recording vocals for Sue Verran and Lincoln Grounds. I love collaborating and it was great to be asked to get involved.

It feels amazing to be part of ‘Undiscovered’ and have Audio Network believe in me.

I hope everyone enjoys the music as much as I have enjoyed making it! I had a blast – long may it continue!

Martin Felix Kaczmarski

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