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We asked Dialate the following:

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Q: Hi Dan, can you tell us how you approached the writing of these tracks?

I usually listen to quite a lot of different music and then, suddenly, there will be a moment of inspiration. After that, I normally get down as much as I can, as fast as possible.

Q: How did you first get into making music?

I was interested in producing because I had no idea of how electronic music was made so I downloaded a demo version of Fruity Lips. I got so frustrated with it that I deleted it, but then a couple of years later I went back to it. I was getting agitated that I wasn’t making professional music so I gave it another go and now, here I am.

Q: You’ve played a few festivals and said in the past that you’d love to play around the world. What is it that appeals to you about the festival set-up?

The range of music played at festivals is a lot broader. If you go to a club, the DJs usually play mainstream music that everyone’s heard of. The attitude to music at festivals is a lot freer and the people there are a more receptive, open-minded audience. It gives you a lot more scope to play what you want.

Q: For those who haven’t heard the tracks yet, how would you describe them?

I create some tracks which are quite mainstream-sounding, but these are quite experimental. I always try and do a different take on what already exists.

Q: Finally, what have you got coming up next?

I’m doing an album with an up-and-coming singer called Ellen Triffitt. She’s still quite small – she’s just recorded a few tracks on her phone – but she’s provided me with vocals and we’ve started creating some tracks. Some are drum and bass, some are more band-based… whatever feels right.

Q: What music do you listen to for inspiration? What are your musical influences?

Loads of different stuff. I write music that belongs to more than one genre, everything from trip hop to drum and bass, so I listen to a large variety of artists and have a diverse range of influences.

Q: What is it about creating electronic music in particular that you enjoy?

I like the idea of making sounds that haven’t existed before. If you listen to a rock band, their sounds can be altered – The Beatles are a perfect example of that – but with electronic music you can create a noise that has never been made before, even now. It’s not something slightly different, like using an alternate chord - it’s something completely new and exciting.

Q: Is it as important to you to be a musician as well as a producer?

Yes, I’m experimenting more and more with recording techniques in the studio, but I’m not too bothered how I create music as long as I can recreate what I hear in my head.

Q: If your music could feature in just one TV show or film, what would it be and why?

The film Sinister. It’s a horror film that came out in 2013, where a family move to a house in which the previous occupants have been murdered and some very frightening things go on. The music is so innovative in its use of sound: it’s got some electronic elements but there’s no fixed beat. They use lots of altered samples to create an amazing, eerie soundscape.

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